You can add new or custom words to the recognition engine lexicon by adding a phrase or set of phrases containing the new or custom word.

Topics help boost the recognition of specific words and phrases for the voice transcription service, as they adapt the underlying language model to look for organization-specific language in conversations. 

For example, if digital art or non-fungible tokens are discussed in your interactions, you will find that the term Nifty and the NFT acronym will not be correctly identified in the transcription. Because Nifty and NFT are new to our everyday language and they are not a part of the out-of-the-box transcription model they will be difficult to identify.

By adding Nifty and NFT to a new or existing topic and by making sure that the topic is part of the program used to transcribe the interactions, you will increase transcription accuracy. For instance, add phrases such as “I want to trade my NFT,” “how much is my Nifty worth,” and so on.

For more information, see Work with a topic and Work with a phrase.