A variety of factors can affect transcription accuracy. For more information, see Improving transcription accuracy.

After you address all factors that may negatively impact accuracy, you can use dictionary management to improve accuracy.

Dictionary management provides a means of improving recognition for business or domain-specific terms. Specific brands, words, or acronyms are transcribed based on the organization’s specifics. This feature allows customers to add terms to the dictionary, enhancing the transcription service’s likelihood of recognition.

This feature is available through the developer API. For more information, see the Dictionary Management API, and the Genesys Cloud development forum. With the API, you specify organization-specific terms, provide example phrases, identify similar-sounding terms, and assign sensitivity boost for voice transcription.

Boost values range from 1 to 10 and increase the likelihood of the term’s identification on a logarithmic scale.

Dictionary Management does not interfere with topic spotting. Topic spotting supports native voice transcription dialects. For more information, see Genesys Cloud supported languages.

Perform the following to improve accuracy with topic spotting.

  1. Add the term to the phrase list within a new or existing topic.
  2. Verify the specific topic is added to the topic list of the program used to transcribe the interactions.

After applying new terms, example phrases, similar-sounding terms, and boost levels through the API, it may take up to 30 minutes for the improvements to become effective.

 Note: Topics recognized due to dictionary management are shown in the transcript when viewed in the Interaction Details page.

For more information, see Improving transcription accuracy, and Work with a phrase.