Voice transcription – What is the expected level of accuracy when working voice transcription?

Transcription accuracy rates can vary significantly within the contact center.  

Transcription accuracy is measured by examining the number of errors a transcript has in comparison to the total word count expected when transcribed precisely.

For example, a transcription accuracy of 70% means that up 30% of words transcribed can be misrepresented. An error could be a deletion of a word, an insertion of a word, or when the wrong word is transcribed.  

There are multiple factors that can negatively affect transcription accuracy. For example, poor audio quality, background noise, heavy accents, use of company specific language, and so on. The transcription engine is tuned for 85% accuracy or better in ideal circumstances, however individual results may vary. For more information, see How do I increase the accuracy of voice transcription? and How do I make sure that custom words, product names, and brand names are transcribed correctly?.