Topic spotting – Can I turn off topics detection in the IVR leg of the voice call?

Yes, it is possible to turn off topic spotting in the IVR portion of an interaction. 

To turn off topic spotting in the IVR portion of an interaction, you must remove the default program and ensure that only queues are mapped to programs. 

Follow the steps below to review your configuration:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Quality > Speech and Text Analytics.
  2. Ensure that Voice Transcription is set to Enabled based on Queue configuration or Flow action.
  3. Change the default program selection to NONE.
  4. Navigate to Programs under the Quality section.
  5. Review the program list and look for programs that have a non-zero (0) entry in the Assign Flows column.
  6. If you find a program with one or more flows mapped to it, open it by clicking on the program name.
  7. Expand the Queues menu and ensure that the queues that will be transcribed by this program are selected.
  8. Expand the Flows drop down menu and ensure that no options are selected.
  9. Click Publish.