Voice transcription – How does Extended Voice Transcription Services provide customer data security?

Extended Voice Transcription Services streams media outside of Genesys Cloud to a third party to generate voice transcripts. Currently, these Extended Voice Transcription Services are provided by Microsoft through their Azure Speech-to-Text offering. As part of this combined offering, Genesys ensures data security in the following ways:

  • Azure Speech-to-Text does not store any audio or transcription data at rest. All data in-transit is encrypted. For more information, see Microsoft Data and Privacy for Speech-to-Text
  • The media sent to Azure Speech-to-Text services is processed only in Azure’s server memory and no data is stored at rest by the third party.
  • Once transcribed, all transcripts are encrypted and safely stored within Genesys Cloud.
  • All media sent to a third party is encrypted using TLS.
  • Transcripts created by Extended Voice Transcription and recorded interactions are stored by Genesys Cloud using the same type of encryption. 

For more information, see Recording encryption key overview and Understand voice transcripts.