What happens to the schedule generation when the occurrence is strictly longer than the schedule window?


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Activity Plans are applied when generating new schedules. Any existing occurrences from published schedules that extend beyond the schedule window are updated with the latest generated schedule and its corresponding planned sessions.

For occurrences that are aligned with or are inside the schedule window, a new occurrence is generated. If the latest generated schedule and the occurrence are preferred, the existing published schedule can be unpublished so that the latest generated schedule can be published.

For activity plans with recurrences longer than one week that is every two to six weeks:

  • When you generate new schedules in which the plan is to be applied, those schedules should match the same number of weeks as the recurrence. If not, Genesys Cloud plans all the sessions inside the new schedule, and then no more sessions can be planned until that plan occurs next.
  • For example, for a three-week recurring rule, ensure to generate schedules that are three weeks or longer. When you generate three one-week schedules instead, it results in all the sessions being planned in the first week.