The term Route Path refers to a combination of attributes on an interaction including the Queue, the Media Type, the Language and the Skillset.  Each individual unique combination of Queue, Media type, Language and Skillset is considered to be a route path. 

Service Goal Templates are a simple template configured at the Business Unit level in workforce management to indicate a service goal target that should be used when scheduling agents.  Service goal templates can be given unique names and can contain settings for service level, asa and abandon rate.  Service goal templates are assigned to planning groups to set the target service goal(s) for that planning group.

Planning Groups are a basic configuration used to determine what route paths or combination of route paths (Queue, Media, Language, Skillset) should be used for forecasting and scheduling in a given business unit.  Planning groups also allow for assignment of a service goal template.  While planning groups typically should be created for each route path, they can also contain groups of route paths.  Please note that it is important to consider which agents can handle a planning group before aggregating route paths.  If agents are not able to handle the entire route path, then the scheduling engine will not schedule the agent based on the planning group workload, but the agent will be given a schedule.