FAQs: PureCloud Voice

When porting over a toll-free or DID number, is there still a NRC and MRC charge for those numbers?

Yes. If numbers are ported to PureCloud, there is a one-time NRC [More]

What happens when the user flags the call? Can I as an administrator see the flag in reports? Or is it just information for Genesys?

In Performance > Interactions, PureCloud Supervisors can see that an agent or [More]

How can I view data about my PureCloud usage?

You can download your usage reports to see details about prior usage. [More]

Can we implement our own STUN/TURN server to proxy connections to PureCloud?

No. There is currently no way to use a private STUN/TURN server. [More]

Why are calls from users with only extensions being blocked in PureCloud Voice?

Calls from PureCloud Voice must have a valid number associated with them. [More]