I have configured Genesys Cloud Voice to display our company name and phone number as the Caller ID. However, in some case only the phone number appears. Is there something else that I can do to get the company name to display in the Caller ID?

Yes, there is. Let’s start with an explanation of the problem. When configured to do so, Genesys Cloud Voice does indeed pass on both the Calling Name (company name) and the Calling Address (phone number) to display as the Caller ID. The reason that the Calling Name does not display consistently is that not all carriers support the display of the Calling Name unless it is in a Line Information Database (LIDB) database. LIDBs are managed by third-parties.

If you send a list of Genesys Cloud Voice US and Canada DID phone numbers and the Calling Name to be associated with each to pcvoicetelcorequest@genesys.com we will add that information to multiple LIDBs.

  • A Calling Name is limited to 15 characters including spaces.
  • While we can add Genesys Cloud Voice US and Canada toll-free numbers to LIDBs, it is not widely supported.