How do Genesys Cloud Voice services use a location?

There are two ways locations are used for Genesys Cloud Voice:

  • All Genesys Cloud Voice numbers are assigned to a location. Assignment occurs at the time of purchase or when you submit a port request. You can change the location in Number Management. For more information, see Edit the location for a Genesys Cloud Voice number.
    • Genesys uses this address for billing and taxation purposes and it should correspond to the location of primary use for the number. This use requires postal verification only, which means the location does not need to be enabled for use on sites or subjected to the emergency verification. However, if the location is enabled for use on sites, then emergency verification is performed and the address must pass for you to be able to use the location for assignment to numbers.
  • Locations can be assigned to sites that have Genesys Cloud Voice trunks. If a Genesys Cloud Voice trunk exists on a site’s outbound route, then the site’s assigned location must be verified for emergency services and the emergency number on the location must be a Genesys Cloud Voice number that is emergency capable.

For more information, see Address verification overview and When setting up a location for Genesys Cloud Voice, how can I tell if the number I specify as the Emergency Number is emergency services capable?