Does Genesys Cloud Voice support Enhanced 911 (E911)?

Yes. Genesys Cloud Voice supports the Enhanced 911 service (E911). E911 services are automatically included as part of the Genesys Telecom US and Canada VoIP services.

While the E911 services provide a means of emergency dialing, you need to be aware that because E911 services are Internet-based, and as such are different than traditional 911/E911 services. 
More specifically, E911 service may be limited or unavailable under certain circumstances including, but not limited to: a power outage or broadband (Internet) service disruption (regardless of cause), use of a non-native telephone number, failure to successfully provide a valid, current address, or delays or interruption in the transmission of your geographic location. As a backup, you should strongly consider obtaining a PSTN connection from the local exchange carrier or similar provider.
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