How do I send an SMS message from an Architect call flow?

  • You can send SMS messages through Architect. Use the Send Response action or bots. For more information, see Send Response action and About bots.
  • You can use the Call Data action to send an agentless SMS notification within any Architect flow. If you send the message to and from a number that differs from the number that is currently connected to a conversation, it works as normal within the flow. However, if you attempt to send a message to and from a number that currently is connected to an existing flow or to an agent, the SMS message fails. However, the default behavior for a connected conversation is to fail when sending a message via the API.  A connected SMS conversation is an active conversation between a customer and your organization, either in flow, in-queue, or connected to an agent or a bot.  Using an optional attribute on the API call, you can change the default behavior to send an agentless message on a connected conversation. However, if the conversation is connected to a bot, the bot will interpret the message as received from the customer.

    For example, if a customer initiates a message interaction and the conversation exists within the flow, you cannot use the Call Data action or an API to send the message back in that conversation. Instead, you must use the Send Response action or use bots within the flow.

To configure agentless SMS notifications from an Architect flow:

  1. Create a data action that calls the SMS notification API. For more information, see About the Genesys Cloud data actions integration.
  2. Use that data action within the flow. For more information, see Use data actions in Architect for integrations.

You can access agentless SMS notifications by a public API. For more information, see the Conversations page and the Agentless SMS notifications page in the Developer Center.