VXML’s queue-based architecture for playing audio is efficient and also key to supporting smooth concatenative audio. However, if you encounter a case that requires you to flush queued audio sooner than waiting on flow termination or the next request for user input, follow these steps:

  1. Add a Collect Input action to the location in the flow where you want the system to flush the audio.
  2. Set the No Entry Timeout to one second, the lowest possible value.
  3. Click the Change to Exact link, and then set the Number of Digits to 1.
  4. Leave the Input Audio unchanged. The default is empty.
  5. Specify a variable name for the Input Data Name.
  6. Leave the Inter-Digit Timeout unchanged.
Note: This process causes a one-second delay to occur after the audio plays. In a future release, the process to flush audio manually will improve, and the one-second delay will no longer apply.