How do I migrate from legacy co-browse to the new co-browse for Messenger?

To migrate from co-browse for web chat to co-browse for web messaging, ensure that:

  • Configure Messenger with co-browse for web messaging is enabled
  • Your agents have the permission Conversation > Cobrowse > Add

When your customers use Messenger to initiate web messaging interactions, agents can propose a co-browse session directly within the conversation.

To migrate from the legacy co-browse for voice to the new co-browse for voice via Messenger, you must consider the timing of when to make the switch as the two versions of co-browse are not cross-compatible. As soon as your agents are assigned Conversation > CobrowseVoice > Add, the generated co-browse Meeting IDs will only work for the Messenger-based version. At the time you wish to switch from legacy to new co-browse, ensure that:

  • Your agents have the new permission Conversation > CobrowseVoice > Add.
  • Your website provides a way for customers to enter Meeting IDs for the Messenger-based co-browse, not the legacy co-browse deployment. Meeting IDs generated while using Conversation > CobrowseVoice > Add will not be recognized by the legacy co-browse deployment.