What type of situations do abandons include in Genesys Cloud?

In Genesys Cloud, abandon is the number of interactions where a customer disconnects in an ACD queue before connecting with an agent. For example, the customer hangs up before an agent answers, or the system disconnects the interaction. You can see the number and percentage of abandons on different views and reports.

Abandons do not include flow-outs, which are interactions that enter and leave a queue without getting answered by an agent and without getting disconnected. Flow-outs can include transfers to voicemail, callbacks, and any system-driven events such as in-queue flows that transfer to another queue or external party after a certain amount of time. Flow-outs can also occur if the caller opts to exit out of the queue and return to the IVR. 

The abandon rate does include short abandons. To see more information about the length of abandons, including short abandons, by queue, use the Abandon Intervals Metrics view