What is the difference between the answered and handle metrics?

Answered and Handle metrics measure two different actions during an interaction.

  • Answered counts how many times an agent was the first to accept an interaction.
  • Handle counts how many interactions an agent was involved in. Handle includes: answered interactions, transfers, callbacks, and outbound calls.

For example, Agent A is the first to accept an incoming call. Agent A talks to the customer and transfers the call to Agent B, who also talks to the customer and completes the interaction. For this interaction: Agent A has one Answered, and one Handle; and Agent B has zero Answered, and one Handle. 


Answered and Handle also differ when Genesys Cloud counts them.

  • Answered counts in the interval when the agent connects to the interaction.
  • Handle counts in the interval when the interaction ends.

For example, an agent answers a call at 10:25 AM and ends the call at 10:45 AM. The answered metric for the agent and interaction would count in the 10:00 AM interval. The handle metric would count in the 10:30 interval.

Note: Contact center metrics are tracked against a 30-minute interval.