Genesys Cloud does not support multiple concurrent logins to the same account. Genesys Cloud considers the following scenarios as multiple concurrent logins:

  • The same account logs in to web app on multiple tabs or browsers
  • The same account logs in to the desktop app and in web app
  • The same account logs in on different computers at the same time

    Multiple concurrent logins can cause these and other problems:

    • Unsuccessful phone interactions
    • Missed notifications
    • Unrefreshed views
    • Other inconsistent behavior

    Issues arise partly because each client has a limited number of notification channels for these events. More than one concurrent login can cause a notification channel to close. For more information about notification channels, see Use the notification service in the Developer Center.

    Because you may not notice these issues, Genesys Cloud notifies you if you lose your connection. If you see this notification, close any other instances of Genesys Cloud and refresh the app.

    • You can log in to either the desktop or web app.
    • In addition to either the desktop or web app, you can log into the mobile apps at the same time.