How can I invite someone into a chat room?

To invite a person into a chat room, you can @mention them.

Use to mention a specific person in a group chat room and invite them to that chat room. 

  1. In a chat message, type and begin to type a person's name.

  2. To address a comment to a specific person or invite them to the chat room, select a name from the list of suggestions.

  3. Press Enter. The person's name appears as a hyperlink in your message in the chat room.

  4. To open that person's profile page, click the @username hyperlink.


  • If you @mention someone in a group chat, Genesys Cloud prompts you to decide whether to add the user or just mention them.
  • If you @mention someone in a one-to-one direct chat room, Genesys Cloud does not invite that person to the direct chat room.