1. Verify that you have a QM policy in place to start screen recording. 
  2. Determine if you have a specific GCBA problem. To do this, verify that screen recording works as expected when you use the Genesys Cloud desktop app with the same user.
  3. Verify that you installed GCBA and that it runs properly. Open in your browser to see if you get the version information returned by GCBA.
    • If you use Firefox browser and get a security warning, it indicates that the GCBA self-signed certificates are missing in Firefox. To import the self-signed certificates into the Firefox database, run the following script: <ProgramFiles_x86>\Genesys\GenesysCloudBackgroundAssistant\Certificates\add_certificates.bat.
    • Restart the Firefox browser and verify it by visiting the GCBA version URL (
  4. Review the GCBA log files as indicated in Deploy Genesys Cloud Background Assistant (GCBA) and look for errors.

For more information, see: About Genesys Cloud Background Assistant (GCBA).