Why wouldn’t GCBA support VDI environments?

If you install GCBA on the user’s desktop (that is, outside of the VDI environment), while trying to run a VDI session on the user’s desktop, that uses a browser to access Genesys Cloud web application, screen recording will not work. Specifically, as indicated in Ports and services for Genesys Cloud clients, there is signaling traffic between the browser running the Genesys Cloud web application, and GCBA. As a result, the browser must access GCBA at the localhost loopback address (  Unless you have the means to tunnel this traffic through the virtual desktop to the localhost, GCBA will not be screen recording.

Note: You can install GCBA inside the virtual desktop environment, and screen recording will work when you use Genesys Cloud in a browser within the same VDI environment. For this to work as expected, you must verify that there is sufficient CPU & bandwidth in the VDI stack to support GCBA screen capturing. You will only be capturing the screen inside the VDI environment. Nothing else will be captured from the end device.