The ports used for signaling and streaming the screens to Genesys Cloud media servers are the same ports between the Genesys Cloud desktop app and GCBA. As a result, if screen recording works when you use the desktop app, and your firewall or VPN has no specific rules targeting only the Genesys Cloud desktop app; for example, application allowlisting, you do not need to enable additional ports in the enterprise firewall. For details about the ports required for screen recording, see Ports and services for Genesys Cloud clients

Note: For GCBA to work as expected, port TCP/8191 is required only within the localhost ( Through TCP/8191 within the localhost, the web browser communicates with GCBA. As a result, you do not need to enable the port in the enterprise firewall. GCBA does not support the use of a proxy server.

For more information, see: About Genesys Cloud Background Assistant (GCBA).