After you delete a queue, you can still access its past interactions and listen to recordings for calls placed in the deleted queue. Deleting queues does not impact metrics in reports and views based on agent or other metrics.

Deleted queues do not appear on the queue-based views, such as Queues views. In other views, the deleted queue and related data appear without the queue name. Instead, those views display the queue ID number or Deleted Queue. For example, a deleted queue’s data still displays as a row in the DNIS Performance view, but, instead of the queue name, the queue ID appears in the row. You also cannot click the queue ID for more information. 

For queue-based reports, such as the Queue Metrics Daily report, you cannot select deleted queues when you create a new report or edit a report. However, if you already selected an inactive or deleted queue on a report before the queue was deleted, then that queue still appears on the report when it runs. If you edit a report that contains a deleted queue, Genesys Cloud removes that queue from the report queue field and no longer includes it when the report runs again.

You can still query the API for metrics from deleted queues. For more information, see Analytics in the Developer Center.

For more information about how to delete a queue, see Edit or delete queues.