How do I download logs for support from an offline BYOC Premises Edge?

Note: This FAQ only pertains to hardware Edges (Genesys Hardware Solution or Customer Hardware Solution) If you have a VM Edge (Customer VM Solution), you’ll need to contact Customer Care.

To export logs from an offline BYOC Premises Edge to a USB flash drive, use the external LCD menu and follow the path Settings > Diagnostics > Copy Today’s Logs to E:

If you do not have an external LCD, you can still copy log files to a USB flash drive. To do so:

  1.  Create a folder path on your USB drive in the format: \EDGELOGS\YYYY-MM-DD.
    • For example, E\EDGELOGS\2023-01-23.
  2. Insert the USB flash drive into the Edge.

If log files with that date are present on the Edge, they will be automatically copied to the USB flash drive.

Note: It can take several minutes to copy the log files to the USB flash drive.