What configuration options can I use to optimize my AudioHook Monitor streaming costs?

You have the following options to configure your use of AudioHook Monitor on a queue:

  • Enable AudioHook Monitor for a particular queue and let this queue then stream to AudioHook Monitor.
  • Use the Audio Monitoring action and flow configuration in Architect to determine whether a particular call must stream to AudioHook Monitor.
  • The server of the third-party provider can initiate a pause that stops audio streaming via AudioHook Monitor until the audio is needed again and resumes it. For more information, see the AudioHook Monitor specification in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.

You can choose not to stream via AudioHook Monitor when a call is going through the IVR or waiting in the queue. AudioHook Monitor honors the following recording settings:

  • To suppress streaming at IVR runtime, edit the corresponding flow in Architect, and choose Suppress recording for the entire flow in Recording and Speech Recognition settings.
  • To suppress streaming when a caller is waiting in queue, disable Continue Voice Recording during Queue Wait in the Voice tab of Queue configuration.
  • To suppress streaming when a call is on hold, enable Holds in the Optional Recording subsection of the Media’s tab Recording section in External Trunk settings.