About workforce management

With workforce management, you can configure management units. You can set up activity codes, service goal groups, work plans, short-term forecasts, and more. You can blank or load-based schedules, manage real-time and historical adherence, view and manage intraday monitoring, and manage agent schedules and time off requests.

About workforce management

With workforce management, you can configure management units, set up activity codes, and manually create schedules. Additional licensing offers you access to a more robust feature set, including short-term forecasting, load-based schedule generation, historical and real-time adherence administration, and time off management.

Management units

Service goal groups

Understand how service goal groups work, learn how to create and manage service goal groups, and assign queues to management units.

Work plans

Short-term forecasts


Learn how to navigate the schedule editor and the actions available to help the workforce management administrator modify the schedule and analyze details.

Shift trades

Time off requests

Real-time adherence

Compare agents’s current status against scheduled work-time.

Intraday monitoring

View and monitor the differences between what was originally forecast and what actually occurs in real time for the current day.

Historical adherence

See how well agents have followed their schedules in the past.

View an agent’s schedule

Agents can access their schedules from the agent dashboard, create and view time off requests, and see if they are out of adherence to the schedule.