Work with management units


The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Management Unit > AddDelete, Edit, and Search

Management units organize all agents, activity codes, and schedules. Management units:

  • Partition agents and interactions into logical groups that workforce managers can schedule together
  • Help you create, manage, and view schedules for a group as a single unit

Workforce management contains schedules for your contact center and allows you to organize agents into management units based on the types of interactions they handle. Agents that handle the same set of interactions should belong to the same management unit. However, if there are more than 1000 “like” agents, then they can be split across management units.

Note: The maximum number of management units in an organization is 50; the maximum number of agents allowed in a management unit is 1000.
Column Description
Management Unit Name Click this header to  management unit to sort the list in ascending or descending order. Click the arrow next to the header to open the Filter Column search box, where you can  begin typing a few letters of a management unit name to narrow the list.
Add Open the Add Management Unit page and set up a new management unit.
Division The division in which the management unit belongs.
  • From the Management Unit header, select this button to add or remove columns from the view, or to reset to the default display.
  • Next to a management unit name, click this button to access the Delete option, which removes the selected management unit from the organization. 
Delete Remove the selected management unit from the organization.
Refresh Update the list of management units.

For more information about management units, see the tasks outlined in the following articles.

Task Description
Add a management unit Add a new management unit and specify the time zone and starting day of the week.
Manage a management unit Edit a management unit or delete the management unit from your organization.
Manage agents in a management unit Add or remove agents in your organization’s management unit.
Filter and sort workforce management items Depending on your view, narrow or categorize workforce management items for search purposes.