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Real-time adherence overview


  • Workforce Management > Real-Time Adherence > View permission

Real-time adherence is a common contact center metric that compares agents’ current status against their scheduled work time. Monitoring adherence in real time provides contact center supervisors the right information to help analyze agent status and make any necessary changes to the schedule for the rest of the day.

Note: When you move an agent from one management unit to another, the schedule and adherence information remains with the original management unit. This process allows the supervisor to view the agent in the same spot on the schedule before they moved management units, for historical purposes. After the agent moves to another management unit, any new schedule and adherence information exist under the new management unit.

Time off requests, however, move with the agent to the new management unit. Time off requests are specific to agents, not management units, and should follow the agent with the move.

To accurately return real-time adherence results, agent presence is mapped by default to specific activity categories:

Agent presence Default activity category
Available Off queue
Away Unavailable
Break Break
Busy Off queue
Meal Meal
Meeting Meeting
Idle Unavailable
Offline Unavailable
On queue On queue
Out of office Time off
Training Training

  • The system considers agent in adherence when they have no scheduled activities and a status set to an activity code mapped to Unavailable or Time Off.
  • To be considered in adherence, agents in an On Queue status must also be in either Idle, Interacting, or Communicating routing status. The last routing status for concurrent interaction scenarios dictates the agent’s perceived routing status.
  • For adherence calculation, the system automatically maps Out of Office status as Time Off.

For more information, see About the real-time adherence view.

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