Work with time off requests


The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Time Off Requests > Add, Administer, Delete, Edit, and View

With appropriate permission, agents can manage their own time off requests from the Performance > Overview > Agent tab > Schedule

Note: Only activity codes mapped to a Time Off activity category may be used for agent-entered time off requests. For more information about managing activity codes, see Configure activity codes.

In addition, administrators with appropriate permission can add, approve, edit, and deny time off requests by clicking Admin and under Workforce Management, selecting Time Off Requests. The time off processing engine places the time off request in a pending state. Administrators can approve or deny time off requests.

Limits per agent

For each agent, the system retains and shows a maximum of the last:

  • 50 pending requests
  • 150 approved requests
  • 30 denied requests
  • 20 cancelled requests

View from a different time zone

By default, this view uses the business unit’s time zone. Users with administrator permissions can change the displayed time zone by selecting from the list in the upper right corner of the view. This option is helpful for administrators who access the view from a different time zone.

Related tasks

Task Description
Navigate the time off requests page View options available on the time off requests page.
Add a time off request Add a time off request for one or more agents.
Edit a time off request Edit a time off request for one or more agents.
Approve a time off request Approve pending or previously denied time off requests.
Deny a time off request Deny pending or previously approved time off requests.
Filter and sort time off requests Filter and sort time off requests.
Add a full day off to an agent in the schedule Within a published or unpublished schedule, create a full day of time off for an agent or agents.
Synchronize time off requests Review time off differences and apply a default fix for each difference