The following permissions for administrators to manage shift trades:

  • Workforce Management > Shift Trade Request > View
  • Workforce Management > Shift Trade Request > Edit

The following permission for agents to participate in shift trades:

  • Workforce Management > Agent Shift Trade Request > Participate

Shift trades enable agents to trade complete shifts with other agents. You can choose whether to allow automatic approval for trade requests or queue them for administrator review. You can also set a minimum time between shift trade approval and shift start. For example, if the minimum is 24 hours, then agents cannot request a trade with a shift 10 hours from now. However, they can request a trade between shifts at least 24 hours from now.

Matching criteria requirements

You can configure agent matching criteria for trade requests. If the trade meets a constraint, then choose how to process the request. Matching requirements include: 

  • Queue membership
  • Assigned language 
  • Assigned skills
  • Ability to handle the same planning groups 

You can choose any combination of requirements, or none. For example, you can specify that trades only occur between agents with the same language, set of skills, queue membership, and the ability to handle the same planning groups.

Shift trade rules

Shift trade rules include the following constraints, which you can set to allow, deny, or send for administrator review:

  • Shift trades with unequal paid hours
  • Shift trades that are one-sided
  • Shift trades that result in minimum weekly paid time violations
  • Shift trades that result in maximum weekly paid time violations

For shift trade rules, if you enable automatic review and set a constraint to allow, then the system can approve the trade. If you disable automatic review, then the system sends the request to an administrator for review.

Activity category trade rules

Activity category rules determine what to do with each activity type when an agent trades a shift with another agent. Determine whether to allow agents to trade shifts with certain activities, replace activities in the traded shifts with other activities, or leave the activities unchanged.