• audits > audit > view permission assigned to any user role

Actions that a user takes on workforce management entities add data to the audit log viewer. Here, you can use auditing functionality to view detailed information about workforce management functionality.

Workforce management entity Actions taken
Activity codes Created, deleted, or changed
Business units Created, deleted, or changed
Forecasts Created, deleted, or changed
Historical data imports Uploaded, processed, or purged
Management units Created, deleted, or changed
Planning groups Created, deleted, or changed
Schedules Created, deleted, changed, published, unpublished
Service goal templates Created, deleted, or changed
Shift trades Created, deleted, or changed
Time-off plans Created, deleted, or changed
Time-off limits Created, deleted, or changed
Time-off requests Created, deleted, or changed
Work plans Created, copied, deleted, or changed
Work plan rotations Created, copied, deleted, or changed

You can also see which user took action on the workforce management items and the date and time that changes occurred.

  • The audit log viewer only logs saved changes.
  • The audit log viewer does not display pending or failed actions.

Open the audit log viewer

  1. Ensure that you select a workforce management business unit.
  2. To open the audit log viewer, do one of the following:
    • From the Admin menu, under Troubleshooting, click Audit Viewer.
      This step opens the full page viewer, which enables you to click an individual row for a more detailed view of an audit entry. 
    • At the bottom of any admin menu or workforce management view, click Show audits footer in the lower right corner.
      This step opens a small version of the audit log viewer. Select a service filter to view audit log events. 

    View details about the workforce management entity

    1. Click Filter .
    2. Click Service and select Workforce Management.
    3. Click Entity and perform these steps:
      Note: The available actions and entity ID options vary, depending on the entity type that you select.
      1. Click Entity Type and select the workforce management type that you want to view.
      2. Click Action and select the appropriate action by which to filter the workforce management type.
      3. (Optional) In the Entity ID box, enter any identification metrics by which to narrow the search. 
    4. (Optional) Click Other and enter any of the following metrics by which to filter the search: 
      • User ID
      • Trustee Organization ID
      • Client ID
    5. In the full page viewer, click an entry to view more details.

          Set the date and time range for the audit log

          Note: Data for the current day appears by default.
          1. To see data for a different day, click the arrows next to the date range.
          2. To set a different date interval, click the start date and end dates on the calendar.
            Note: Intervals cannot exceed more than seven days.
          3. To set a different time interval, click the up or down arrows to change start and end times.
          4. Click Save.