The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Time Off Limit > Add, Delete, Edit, and View

Administrators with appropriate permissions can view, add, edit, and remove time-off limits. Time-off limits allow you to specify the number of hours available on a particular date for agents to request time off. Even though agents can see time-off requests in their time zone, the limits still divide the days according to the management unit’s time zone. Each management unit can only have one time-off limit per day.

Note: Ongoing innovation may cause your interface to appear differently.

To work with time-off limits, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Time-Off Limits.
Task Description
Navigate the time-off limits page View options available on the time-off limits page.
Set the time-off limit for one or more dates Add, edit, or remove a management unit’s time-off limit for one or more dates.