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Historical adherence overview


  • Workforce Management > Historical Adherence > View permission

Historical adherence provides contact center managers and administrators the ability to see how well agents have followed their schedules in the past. PureCloud collects historical statistics about agents in the management units you select, such as adherence, conformance, exceptions, exception duration, and impact of adherence to the organization. The Historical adherence view is essentially a reporting view of real-time adherence. This view tracks agents presence from the past and compares it to their schedule.

  • For actual values, conformance looks at activity related to on queue status. For example, total time in Idle, Interacting, or Communicating routing status / total scheduled on-queue time in arrival.
  • Conformance can be greater than 100% when the time spent in queue-related activity is greater than the scheduled on queue time for the same period.
  • For conformance, the system only looks at routing status if the agent’s presence is on queue. For example, if an agent handles an email and then goes offline or changes their presence to Away, the system ignores the fact that the agent’s routing status is still Interacting. This approach avoids crediting the agent with errant conformance time. However, the downside is that if an agent is on a synchronous media type such as voice and changes presence, for example from On Queue to Break, they are not credited for any Interacting time after the presence change to Break.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Management Units. The Management Units page opens.
  3. Open the desired management unit. If you have not previously created the management unit, add one now. For more information, see Add a management unit.
  4. (Optional) To change the time zone in which you view data, in the upper right hand corner select the current time zone list.
    Note: By default, the view uses the management unit’s time zone.
  5. Under Adherence, do the following:
    1. Under Severe Adherence Threshold, use the up and down arrows to set the number of minutes after which an agent is considered severely out of adherence for real time adherence monitoring. The default is 5 minutes.
    2. Under Adherence Exception Threshold, use the Minutes and Seconds up and down arrows to set the minimum threshold to include adherence exceptions in historical adherence. 
      Note: Any exception below that occurs below this threshold does not affect daily percentages, and does not appear in the exception lists.
    3. Under Adherence Target, use the up and down arrows to set the minimum target adherence percentage for historical adherence.  
    4. To consider non-On Queue activities equivalent for adherence calculations, toggle the Activity Equivalency switch to Yes. To ensure that non-On Queue activities are not considered equivalent for adherence calculations, toggle this switch to No.
      Example: If you set activity equivalency to Yes, then an agent scheduled for Break whose actual presence is Meal is considered in adherence. If you set this option to No, then the agent is considered out of adherence.
    5. To count “on queue” status outside of scheduled shift time as an adherence exception, toggle the Working Outside Shift Considered Exception switch to Yes. To ensure that working outside the scheduled shift is not counted as an exception, toggle the switch to No
    6. To add activities you want to exclude from adherence calculations, in Ignore for Adherence, click inside the Select activities box and choose the desired activity or activities. 
      Note: Any exception with an activity that should be ignored will have a neutral impact on adherence calculations.
  6. Click Save.

PureCloud calculates adherence exceptions by combining the presence/status data and the schedule data. Currently, adherence exceptions can only be viewed, not edited.


  • Actual Time = actualLengthSeconds
  • Scheduled (Adherence) = adherenceScheduleSeconds
  • Exception Duration (Adherence) = adherenceExceptionDurationSeconds
  • Scheduled On Queue = conformanceScheduleSeconds
  • Work Time On Queue = conformanceActualSeconds


if actualLengthSeconds <= 0 OR adherenceScheduleSeconds <= 0
    return undefined

adherence = (1 - (adherenceExceptionDurationSeconds / adherenceScheduleSeconds)) * 100
if adherence > 0
    return adherence, else 0


if actualLengthSeconds = 0
    return undefined

if conformanceActualSeconds = 0 and conformanceScheduleSeconds = 0
    return undefined

if conformanceActualSeconds = 0 and conformanceScheduleSeconds > 0
    return 0

if conformanceScheduleSeconds = 0
    return Infinity

return (conformanceActualSeconds / conformanceScheduleSeconds * 100)

NoteIf actual on queue presence detected outside of scheduled time has been configured to count against adherence, then the length of that time is additionally counted in both the numerator, because it is considered an exception, and denominator.

Example: An agent is scheduled for 60 minutes of on queue work. The agent arrives 10 minutes late to the shift and works the remaining 50 minutes of the scheduled on queue work. To make up the paid time, the agent then remains on queue for 10 additional minutes, for a total of 60 minutes.

  • With the Working Outside Shift Considered Exception configuration option enabled, the adherence formula is:  1 – ((10+10)/(60+10)) = 1 – .286 = 71.4% adherence
  • With the Working Outside Shift Considered Exception configuration option disabled, the adherence formula is:  1 – 10/60 = 1 – .167 = 82.4% adherence
Note: If you configure activity categories as ignored for adherence calculations, those activities will not have a positive or negative impact on adherence. An agent scheduled for an ignored activity will not be in adherence or out of adherence, regardless of presence; the agent will be in an ignored adherence status.

    This section describes current historical adherence limitations:

    • To be in adherence for Time Off or Unavailable scheduled times, an agent’s presence must be Away, Idle, or Offline. Agents who are logged out of PureCloud have a presence of Offline. Agents who log into PureCloud during their Out of Office time will be viewed as being in another presence (for example, Available). This issue may inadvertently cause them to be out of adherence.
    • Queries do not return intervals that span query ranges. For example, a query for the time range of 6:00 p.m., April 2 to 8:00 p.m., April 3 fails to return whether the agent was offline from 6:20 p.m., April 1 through 1:20 p.m., April 4. If the currently selected day is Monday and the agent is still offline, the system does pick up the interval. When the agent changes the presence, the system picks up the change on the next adherence query for the time period. This mitigation strategy works for activities that span, at most, two management unit weeks.
    • Because analytics may have a backlog of events to process, the system may not be completely accurate for recently completed intervals. It will, however, correct itself over time.

    To open the historical adherence view:

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Workforce Management, click Historical Adherence.

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