Series: Historical adherence


The following permissions:

  • Workforce Management > Adherence > View permission
  • Groups > Work Teams > View permission

Historical adherence provides contact center managers and administrators the ability to see how well agents followed their schedules in the past. Genesys Cloud collects historical statistics about agents in the management units that you select, such as adherence, conformance, exceptions, exception duration, and impact of adherence to the organization. The historical adherence view is essentially a reporting view of real-time adherence. This view tracks agent presence from the past and compares it to their schedule.

  • For actual values, conformance looks at activity related to on queue status. For example, total time in Idle, Interacting, or Communicating routing status / total scheduled on-queue time in arrival.
  • Conformance can be greater than 100% when the time spent in queue-related activity is greater than the scheduled on queue time for the same period.
  • For conformance, the system only looks at routing status if the agent’s presence is on queue. For example, if an agent handles an email and then goes offline or changes their presence to Away, the system ignores the fact that the agent’s routing status is still Interacting. This approach avoids crediting the agent with errant conformance time. However, the downside is that if an agent is on a synchronous media type such as voice and changes presence, for example from On Queue to Break, they are not credited for any Interacting time after the presence change to Break.

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