About views and dashboards

Managers, supervisors, and agents can use dynamic views and dashboards to see contact center performance and metrics. 


Dynamic views display historical and real-time metrics for the contact center, queues, agents, interactions, outbound campaigns, scheduled callbacks, and workforce management. Configure and personalize your views to meet your business needs. 


Queue Routing Performance

Scheduled Callbacks

Skills Performance

Wrap-up Performance

My Development

Flow Destination

Journey Outcome Performance

Journey Segment Performance

My Evaluations

My Interactions

My Queues Activity

My Status

API Usage

Scheduled Exports

Content Search

Outbound Campaigns


Work with views

To see only the data for the dates you need, customize the views. To return quickly to that data, save your current view and settings. Download the data for more analysis or to share with others. Activate agents in queues so that agents work the queues where you need them. Change an agent’s status from the Queues Activity Detail view. 


Monitor the real-time activity for the contact center, including service level, ASA, and the number of customers interacting and waiting. View assigned and completed interactions. Monitor evaluation and calibration activity for the contact center. 

    Configure analytics options

    Metric definitions

    Learn the definitions of common metrics used in the dashboards and views.