Analytics Add-on (A3S) is a fully hosted solution that provides out-of-the-box historical and real-time dashboards and reports as an integrated analytics experience in Genesys Cloud. This solution provides integration capabilities for Genesys Cloud customer’s Bring Your Own Business Intelligence (BYOBI) / Data Warehouse (DWH) as an end-to-end managed service. 


Genesys Cloud Analytics Add-on (A3S) solution enables you to perform custom reporting, data visualization, analytics, and data federation. This solution acts as the foundational data and analytics layer for your contact center. You also have the flexibility of adding a consumption layer of your choice—be it a data federation or a business intelligence tool.


You can visualize the performance of your contact center briefly and monitor the real-time activity of the contact center by viewing all the interactions at a glance.


Use reports to see historical and real-time metrics and data about the contact center so that you can analyze its performance.