About External Contacts

External Contacts is a comprehensive repository of data about your external organizations and contacts. You can see a streamlined view of all contact and organization data. You can also start a call, send an email, or visit a contact’s website directly from a contact’s record.

Learn about External Contacts

Learn how you can take advantage of and expand your repository of customer data. Familiarize yourself with key terminology.

Interact with your contacts

During an interaction, an agent can review a contact’s interaction history to provide better customer service.

Business users and agents can call or transfer calls to external contacts.

Manage your contacts

Manage notes for a contact 

Manage your organizations

Manage relationships for an organization

Relationships capture the personal connections between members of your company and people at an external organization.

Manage notes for an organization

Sync your Salesforce data 

Perform a bulk import of contacts and organizations from a CSV file