• The following permissions:
    • External Contacts > External Entity > Import
    • External Contacts > Contact > View
  • A prepared .csv file.
  1. In the Genesys Cloud toolbar, click Directory > External Contacts.
  2. (Optional) To import external organizations, click the Organizations tab.
  3. Click Add .
  4. Click Bulk CSV Import.
  5. Click Drop .CSV files or choose files to upload and select your .csv file.
    Alternatively, you can drag a .csv file to the button.
    • To format your file, use the sample .csv as a guide.

    • To import an external contact, you must include these fields: Contact Id, Contact First Name, and Contact Last Name.

    • To import an external organization, you must include these fields: Account Id and Account Name.

    • All other fields are optional.

    • All field names are case-sensitive.

    • Phone numbers must be in E164 format to sync call and SMS interactions with that phone numbers.

  6. Click Import.
  7. Genesys Cloud displays a confirmation when the upload completes.
  8. To verify the import, search External Contacts for any new or changed entries and compare them to the source .csv file. 
Note: To import and export custom field information, use the API .