About agent interactions

Web messaging: Feature coming soon

Agent interactions are the front-line exchanges between your company and its contacts.

Go on queue

Specify the queues to work today and get to work by going On Queue to accept an interaction.

Navigate interactions

Learn about the Interactions panel. See all your current interactions and switch between them. 

Work with interactions

Accept and respond to calls, chat messages, email messages, and social expressions. Create the interaction history for a contact and an organization. View Predictive Engagement customer journey information for a chat interaction.

Use scripts and canned responses

Read scripts that guide you through an interaction. Use canned responses to help you quickly find common responses to answer commonly asked questions.

Get a link to the interaction

Copy the web address for the current interaction and paste it in the location of your choice. The link takes managers and admins to a record of the interaction.

Enter after call work

Learn about after call work (ACW) and where to enter notes and wrap-up codes to complete an interaction.

Request assistance

Ask a logged in supervisor for assistance.