About Directory administration

Use Directory features to manage groups, locations, profiles, and external contacts.

Create and manage groups

Connect users based on their skills, relationships, locations, or anything else to create groups within your organization. Add individuals to groups, or add people by keywords and relationships using group membership rules. Use our Bridge Platform and Microsoft Exchange to sync groups with email distribution lists.

Add and assign locations

Add the cities and buildings where your users work so users can pick those locations in their profile. Upload a floor plan for each level of a building and user can show their exact office location. Assign locations to users, or remove locations from users.

Configure profiles

Customize the profile configuration for your organization. Add sections and fields, or rename and reorder the ones that are already there. Change the labels on the profile interface and manage translations.   

Manage external contacts

Build a comprehensive repository of data about your external organizations and contacts. Create a streamlined view of all contact and organization data.