The following permissions:

  • To create a new contact: External Contacts > Contact > Add 
  • To edit a contact: External Contacts > Contact > Edit 
  • To promote an auto-created contact to a curated contact (Add to contacts): External Contacts > Identity > Promote

Create or promote a new external contact without leaving the interaction.

Genesys Cloud automatically links interactions to existing contacts and creates a temporary, or ephemeral, contact when it finds no existing matches. You can promote a temporary contact or create a new contact. For more information about the scenarios on the profile panel, see External contact management scenarios. You can also create a contact from the Directory.

  1. From an open interaction, click Profile. The Profile panel icon
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To promote the ephemeral contact to curated, click Add to Contacts.
    • To create a new contact, click Create New Contact
  3. In the New Contact window, type the contact information that you know. First name and Last name are required fields. All other fields are optional.
    • To increase agent efficiency, when you click a phone field (Work, Home, Cell, Other), Genesys Cloud provides suggestions for phone numbers in voice interactions. Similarly, in email interactions when you click an email field (Work, Personal, Other), Genesys Cloud provides suggestions for email addresses. 
    • Genesys Cloud’s default country code is +1 for the United States; however, your admin can change that setting.

    • To indicate that a phone number accepts SMS messages, click click to enable SMS .
    • To add a satellite phone number, enter before the number.
    • Genesys recommends that you enter the full E.164 number. You can add non-E.164 numbers to any field, but they are not searchable. Genesys Cloud does not support extension-only numbers.

    • For incoming message interactions, Genesys Cloud pulls messaging channel information into the contact record. You cannot edit this field during a transaction.
  4. (Optional) Set the contact’s survey preferences.
  5. Click Save
  6. To edit the new contact, enter contact information again and repeat step 5.