The following permissions for conversation details:

  • Analytics > Agent Conversation Detail > View or Analytics > Conversation Detail > View permission 
  • Conversation > Communication > View permission 
  • RecordingRecordingView or Recording > RecordingSegment > View permission 

 To view prerequisites for related procedures that you access through this page, see the assiociated task’s article.

An interaction details page is the central location for viewing more information about that interaction and completing tasks related to it. The interaction’s detail page shows the interaction overview that is a visual representation of the interaction, and it shows the details of the interaction in tabbed pages.

Note: Viewing an interaction details page associated with an interaction older than 558 days may return limited information about the specific interaction. Recordings for the interaction are available for playback, if the recordings were saved to this time. For more information, see Retention period for analytics data and recording.

For more information about each of the interaction details tabs, see:

The interaction overview provides information about the interaction participants and the type of interaction. For voice interactions, it includes a waveform with sentiment markers, providing insight into a customer’s attitude during an interaction.

To view an interaction’s detail page, click an interaction from any of the following views:

Click the image to enlarge.

Interaction detail page

You can also arrive at an interaction’s detail page when you complete a task on an interaction. For example, if you have assigned evaluations to complete in your inbox, then you can navigate directly to the relevant interactions from the inbox.

  • You can copy the Interaction ID from the Details tab. When you click the copy icon, the Interaction ID is copied directly to your clipboard.
  • Use the link icon to copy the URL of the interaction detail page directly to your clipboard.
  • If an agent submits more than one wrap-up code, Genesys Cloud displays the latest code. You can click a link to see the additional wrap-up codes.
  • Wrap-up information displays agent assigned wrap ups for Internal Participants. That is, if the participant’s purpose is user or agent, or if its participant type is internal. System assigned wrap ups do not appear.