Evaluate an interaction


  • Quality Administrator or Quality Evaluator role

  1. From your list of assigned evaluations, choose an interaction to evaluate.
  2. Review the interaction. For example, listen to the recording or read the email.
  3. Choose answers to the evaluation questions.
  4. In the Release the evaluation field, choose when to release the evaluation to the agent. You cannot schedule to release the evaluation to the agent for more than 45 days in the future.
  5. Click Submit to complete your evaluation.

  • To use this evaluation as a scoring index, return to the evaluation after submitting it and check Use as Scoring Index for Calibration, enter a quality evaluator, and click Create Calibration.
  • To re-score the interaction, click Re-score. 
  • A secure pause temporarily stops recording to exclude sensitive information such as a credit card number. Recordings with a secure pause play a beep during omitted segments of the conversation. 
  • Genesys Cloud does not currently support images, GIFs, or stickers in messaging recorded transcripts.