Disconnect reasons in the interaction’s detail view

When a call or interaction disconnects, the disconnect reason displays on the interaction’s detail view. An interaction’s detail view includes information about the internal and external participants’ disconnect reasons for the entire interaction. The timeline on that view includes the disconnect reason for each segment of the conversation. Disconnect reason descriptions are relative to the participant. In the descriptions, the user is the participant in the interaction’s details or the participant in the timeline row.

Timeline disconnect reasons

Disconnect reason Description
Client The Genesys Cloud user interface caused the disconnect. For example, an agent clicked End Call during a voice interaction or discarded an email interaction
Conference Transfer The Genesys Cloud user transferred the conversation to a conference. 
Endpoint The segment that caused the disconnect. For example, the user hung up their physical phone or the browser closed while using the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone.
Error An error in the provider caused the disconnect.
Forward Transfer A transfer to forward the call caused the disconnect.
No Answer Transfer A transfer after an alerting timeout caused the disconnect.
Not Available Transfer A transfer due to a not available status caused the disconnect.
Other A segment disconnected for reasons not covered by the other categories. 
Peer Another participant in the conversation caused the disconnect. For example, the customer hung up.
Spam AWS marked an email interaction as spam or containing a virus, and Genesys Cloud disconnected that interaction. 
System The cloud or the provider caused the disconnect. 
Timeout A system (dialing) timeout caused the disconnect.
Transfer A transfer caused the disconnect.
Transport Failure An ICE failure caused the disconnect.