About PureCloud Voice

PureCloud Voice is an Internet-based telephony service that you can activate for use with your PureCloud organization. It provides public telephony access to any PureCloud services to which you subscribe, such as Communicate or the PureCloud call center. 


You can purchase phone numbers from us or you can bring phone numbers with you. When you have phone numbers in the PureCloud Voice system, you can assign them to users, IVR systems, managed phones, or campaigns.

Purchase numbers

Purchase phone numbers directly from within PureCloud Voice using the Number Purchase portal.

Port numbers

Manage numbers 


When you purchase or port phone numbers into PureCloud Voice, you can pair those numbers to PureCloud Voice compatible phones, including the PureCloud web-based (WebRTC) phone.

Emergency services

PureCloud Voice services include Enhanced 911 emergency services. Certain circumstances, such as a power outage or Internet failure, prevent emergency services operation. To alert users to the possibility of emergency service failures, you must affix warning labels to ALL equipment that connects to PureCloud Voice services.

Locations and sites

When you set up PureCloud Voice, specify a location and a site.

Terms and conditions

Find out more about the PureCloud Voice terms and conditions concerning Emergency Dialing and third-party licensing. In addition, read the E-Sign Act information for pertinent notices about the use of your PureCloud Voice electronic records.