About telephony

Telephony is the set of features that administrators use to set up PureCloud communications. Use telephony features to provision the PureCloud Edge hardware, configure a trunk for the SIP provider, and set up a functional and logical telephony scheme for the company. Also use telephony features to set up managed phones for the user, IVR routing, DID numbers, Extensions, and Authorized Services. 


The PureCloud Edge is a cloud managed network appliance that provides telephony for the PureCloud solution. The Edge combines a media server, SIP registrar, and SIP proxy into a single piece of hardware that fits into a standard rack space. Administrators configure and manage the Edge and other telephony functions through the PureCloud user interface.


A trunk connects a communication service to a PureCloud Edge and facilitates point-to-point communication. SIP trunks connect Edges to service providers. A SIP network line trunk enables routing to any device on the network. All the Edges in an Edge group can share trunks. 

Phone management

PureCloud manages a wide variety of SIP phones. Administrators set base settings for the phones or change the settings for individual phones using PureCloud. 

Edge groups

An Edge group is a set of Edge devices connected through a high bandwidth and low latency network. Each Edge within the group connects directly to all other Edges within the same group, requiring no additional hops or mediators to communicate. The Edge group is a complete graph and does not need to use broadcasting or switching mechanisms. 


A site is the home of a set of phones, Edge devices, or a combination of the two. The site defines the telephony properties, for example the country code or area code, for dialing in addition to the call classification rules and outbound routing rules. The site’s telephony properties and rules apply to a new call, when a phone located in that site establishes the call. The site’s telephony properties and rules also apply when the system dials on trunks connected to an Edge contained in that site.


When a user dials a specific telephone number, or dialed address, he or she is routed into the call flow associated with that telephone number. From the Call Routing and Message Routing views, administrators set up routing, view a list of active flows and the numbers or addresses to which a flow is tied.

DID numbers

On the DID Numbers tab, administrators can add a single DID number or a range of DID numbers associated with the organization’s service provider. On the Assignments tab, view all or search for specific DID numbers, and review assignee details.


On the Extension Pools tab, administrators can add a single extension or a range of extension numbers associated with the organization. On the Assignments page, view all or search for specific extensions, and review assignee details.

Authorized Services

Authorized Services manages the digital certificate files issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). This process ensures the identification of a trusted authority through encryption.