Telephony is the set of features that administrators use to set up Genesys Cloud communications.  Genesys Cloud offers three telephony connection options to provide convenience and flexibility. Simplify your implementation by using Genesys Cloud Voice, a comprehensive contact center solution that includes telephony service provided by Genesys. For additional interoperability between Genesys Cloud and third-party devices, or to retain your existing carrier service, choose a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) option.


General information related to the telephony topic.

Telephony connection options

Genesys Cloud telephony connection options provide convenience and flexibility.


A trunk connects a communication service to a Genesys Cloud telephony connection option and facilitates point-to-point communication. 


A site is the home of a set of phones. The site defines the telephony properties, for example the country code or area code, for dialing in addition to the call classification rules and outbound routing rules. 

Phone management

Genesys Cloud manages a wide variety of SIP phones. Administrators set base settings for the phones or change the settings for individual phones using Genesys Cloud. 

Certificate Authorities

Authorized Services manages the digital certificate files issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). This process ensures the identification of a trusted authority through encryption.  

DID numbers

Administrators add a single DID number or a range of DID numbers associated with the organization’s service provider. You can also assign toll-free numbers.


Administrators can add a single extension or a range of extension numbers associated with the organization.