About BYOC Cloud

The BYOC Cloud solution provides flexibility and interoperability to the Genesys Cloud suite of voice services by allowing you to define SIP trunks between the Genesys Cloud AWS-based Edge and Media Tier and third-party carriers over the public Internet.  

BYOC Cloud general information

BYOC Cloud fair use policy

Learn about the BYOC Cloud fair use policy pricing.

BYOC Cloud-specific information

Learn about the specific carrier requirements and Genesys Cloud specific endpoints by region. See which ports and services to configure on your company firewall.

BYOC Cloud configuration

Use the quick start guide for a walk-through of all the articles in the required order to successfully get your BYOC Cloud configuration up and running. Use the other links to jump to articles covering specific configuration settings for your BYOC Cloud connections.

BYOC Cloud phone configuration

BYOC Cloud troubleshooting

If you encounter problems with your BYOC Cloud setup, use this configuration check list to make sure that you have covered all the bases.