Get started with telephony

Telephony connection options

A telephony connection option is the method that administrators use to set up communications between Genesys Cloud and a telecommunications service provider. Genesys Cloud offers three telephony connection options: Genesys Cloud Voice, BYOC Cloud, and BYOC Premises.

Genesys Cloud Voice

The quickest and easiest way to get started with telephony in Genesys Cloud is to choose the Genesys Cloud Voice telephony connection option. Genesys Cloud Voice is a 100 percent cloud solution that includes fully configured telephony service provided by Genesys Telecom. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice overview and About Genesys Cloud Voice.

Genesys Cloud BYOC Cloud

If you have experience as a telephony admin and already have a business relationship with a telephony carrier, you should investigate the Genesys Cloud BYOC Cloud telephony connection option. BYOC Cloud is a 100 percent cloud solution where customers terminate SIP trunks from their Cloud carrier over the Internet into Genesys Cloud Media Tier resources in AWS. For more information, see BYOC Cloud overview and About BYOC Cloud.

Genesys Cloud BYOC Premises

If you have experience as a telephony admin and your company is in a country or an industry where regulations require data must remain on-premises, you should investigate the Genesys Cloud BYOC Premises telephony connection option. BYOC Premises is a mixed solution that uses both on-premises hardware and cloud services. For more information, see About BYOC Premises

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Once you select a telephony connection option, you can begin thinking about phones for your agents. Genesys Cloud offers support for WebRTC and SIP phones.

WebRTC phones

The Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone runs right from your browser and as such there are no special hardware requirements or other software to download or install. You just enable the Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone, connect a headset, and you can immediately make and receive calls. For more information, see WebRTC overview and About WebRTC

SIP phones

If you have or prefer standard phones, Genesys Cloud supports various managed phones from Poly and AudioCodes. Genesys Cloud also supports unmanaged phones and remote phones. For more information, see Phone category comparison matrix, Managed phones: models and features matrix, and About phone management.

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