Genesys Cloud telephony connection options provide convenience and flexibility. Simplify your implementation by using Genesys Cloud Voice, a comprehensive contact center solution that includes telephony service provided by Genesys. For additional interoperability between Genesys Cloud and third-party devices, or to retain your existing carrier service, choose a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) option.

To add flexibility to the Genesys Cloud telephony connection options, you can also combine any, or all three, of our telephony connection options to create a hybrid media organization. This means that you can take advantage of both cloud and premise hardware features to extend the capabilities of your Genesys Cloud organization. For more information, see About hybrid media.

Genesys Cloud Voice

BYOC Cloud

BYOC Premises


100% Cloud-based solution using Genesys Telecom for phone service.

About Genesys Cloud Voice

100% Cloud-based solution where customers terminate SIP trunks from their Cloud carrier or premises equipment over the Internet into Genesys Cloud Media Tier resources in AWS.

About BYOC Cloud 

Mixed solution where customers terminate SIP trunks into premises-based Genesys Cloud Edge devices.

About BYOC Premises

Voice provider Genesys Telecom (varies by country) Customer-managed third-party carrier Customer-managed third-party carrier
Carrier contract required No Yes Yes
Equipment required None None* Genesys Cloud Edge device
Media processing In the cloud In the cloud On premises
Auto-Scaling Automatic Automatic


Requires additional Genesys Cloud Edge devices

Redundancy Automatic
via 3+ Availability Zones
via 3+ Availability Zones
To achieve maximum redundancy requires additional Genesys Cloud Edge devices.

† IVR, recording, and conferencing.

* In certain scenarios, customers may need an SBC for their premises equipment to communicate with Genesys Cloud Media Tier. 

Note: Genesys partner and carrier resellers may offer additional telephony options. For more detail about options in your region, please contact sales or visit our marketplace.