About Edge hardware

The PureCloud Edge is a telephony server that comes in a number of configurations designed to support different sized organizations.

PureCloud Edge Standard v3

The third generation of the Edge Standard runs on a custom HP server with a more robust server chassis than the v2 and offers the enterprise-class power and storage that large customers need.

PureCloud Edge Micro

The Edge Micro is a compact appliance that offers the power and storage a small business needs to implement PureCloud telephony.

PureCloud Edge Mini

The Edge Mini is a compact appliance that provides the same base features as the Micro, but is faster and provides more storage.

PureCloud Edge support

General information on purchasing and returning a PureCloud Edge. 

While Genesys no longer sells the first or second generation of the Edge Standard, we still provide support for these appliances.

PureCloud Edge Standard v1

PureCloud Edge Standard v2