Replace a BYOC Premises Edge

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If you need to replace a hardware-based BYOC Premises Edge, you’ll follow the instructions is this article.

To replace an Edge:

  1. Follow the steps in the article Take a BYOC Premises Edge out of service.
  2. Install and pair the new Edge using the procedures for your model Edge.
    1. For more information, see the BYOC Premises hardware solutions section of About BYOC Premises.
  3. Set up the network interface card (NIC) on the new Edge:
    1. Navigate to Admin > Telephony > Edges.
    2. Select the new Edge and click Edit.
    3. Under the Network Interfaces tab, select the port or ports that hosts the SIP connections.
    4. Mirror the settings of the defective Edge. See Configure a network interface for Edge.
  4. If the IP address of the new Edge has changed, restart the phones to pull their new configuration.
  5. Verify that the Edge is online and communicating with the Cloud.
    1. Navigate to Admin > Telephony > Edges.
    2. Verify that a green circle appears next to the Edge Name. 
  6. To remove the original Edge from your organization, contact Genesys Cloud Customer Care.