Return Material Authorization (RMA) service

Genesys partners with Arrow Electronics to provide Genesys Cloud Edge devices and certain models of Polycom and AudioCodes phones for use with its premises and cloud products. If your equipment fails you may be eligible for the Return Material Authorization (RMA) service. To be eligible for the RMA service, your equipment must be under warranty, you must have an open case with Genesys Customer Care, and you must be receiving guidance from your representative.

For more information about the warranty, see the Hardware warranty and support guide.

RMA Purchase Order (PO) Agreement

If you purchsed the device from Arrow on behalf of Genesys, then an RMA PO Agreement must be in place and submitted to Arrow before the replacement hardware can be shipped. The RMA PO Agreement form will need to be filled out completely and submitted to your open case number with Genesys. After the RMA request form and PO agreement form are in place with your case number, the order will be submitted to Arrow for fulfillment.

The PO will be billed and then upon return of the defective device to Arrow, a credit will be given for the returned device. Defective hardware needs to be returned within 30 calendar days after replacement hardware is delivered. If defective device is not returned to Arrow, credit will not be given.

Warning: RMA requests will be denied/cancelled if a PO form is not submitted.

RMA requirements

As soon as you receive your replacement, you must immediately return the defective equipment. You must reuse the same box that the replacement equipment came in and clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of the box.

Damages in transit

Upon receipt of the packages, inspect all for external damage at the time of delivery. If there is damage to the carton, then report it to the carrier before they leave so we can properly process a claim. Failure to do so can result in denial of the return.

Report all internal damage to within 14 business days from ship date. Failure to do so can result in a denial of the return.

Importer of Record

Unless otherwise identified, the recipient will be the Importer of Record and is responsible for making sure the shipment of goods complies with all the legal requirements and regulations of the destination country as well as any duties, taxes, or import costs. Arrow cannot be the Importer of Record. If Importer of Record Services are required, please notify immediately. The Recipient will be responsible for any Importer of Record services fees associated with the inbound shipment.

Note: Submitting an RMA request form does not guarantee that your device will be accepted for the RMA service.

RMA process

To begin the RMA process 

  1. Download the RMA request form, which is a fillable .pdf, to your computer. 
  2. Using a PDF reader, fill in and save the completed RMA request form.
    Note: As you are filling in the RMA request form, it is important that the Return Shipping information list the person/location receiving the replacement hardware.
  3. Attach the completed RMA request form to your case. (For more information about attaching files to a case, see the My Support Info Guide, which is available from the Genesys Cloud Customer Care article.)