Future release announcements

Learn about upcoming Genesys Cloud features and related UI changes.

For information about features scheduled for the next Genesys Cloud feature release, see Features coming soon.

Architect user interface improvements

Genesys Cloud Architect will have a new look and feel in July, 2023. Updates to the layout will make the user experience more intuitive, visually improve the Architect interface as a tool to suit all types of user backgrounds, and contain foundational changes that set the stage for future improvements. This initiative does not change Architect functionality for flow designers. Existing navigation to favorite menus and toolbox and panel locations remain the same. For more information, see the Genesys Community post. For a visual tour see the following video.

Resource Center improvements

The Genesys Cloud Resource Center will have a new look in June. Updates to the layout, color scheme, typography, and graphics will improve the overall usability and accessibility of the site. The redesigned Release Notes area will make it easier to find details about current and planned product updates. Existing help content will remain in place, and all links and bookmarked pages will continue to function normally. Watch the video to learn more.

Genesys Cloud: Get to know the Resource Center from Genesys IX Global on Vimeo.

HRIS Integration for workforce management time-off balances

A future release will introduce a HRIS integration that allows communication between Genesys Cloud and an external HR system. This integration will pull the agents’ time-off balances from the HR system, and administrators can set up auto approval of time-off requests in Genesys Cloud based on agents’ balances and time-off limits. Manually approved time-off requests will also automatically synch with the external HR system.  This feature will eliminate the need for users to track and maintain time-off requests and balances in two separate systems as this process will now be automated. For more information, see the Genesys Community post.

Messenger updates

A future release will include improvements to Messenger to automatically calculate the ideal text color for messages and UI labels. These updates ensure that the Messenger UI guarantees the ideal color contrast ratio for WCAG AA accessibility compliance, even when light colors are used as the background. For example, in some cases the text for messages is rendered in black font, rather than white font (or vice versa, depending on selected background color).

Historical Adherence view updates for teams

A future release will include updates to the Historical Adherence view and the Historical Shrinkage view. These updates will enable team reporting and ensure that the views remain consistent with other workforce management views and administrator pages. The update also includes changes to the adherence over time charts to make it easier to view at a glance.

Agent UI and workflow improvements

A future release will include updates to the destination selection pane for transfers and starting a new conversation in the agent user interface. This update will reduce the number of clicks that agents make and the amount of time that agents spend scrolling to find and select the information they need. These changes affect the following agent workflows: blind transfer, consult transfer, start a new conversation for voice, email, and SMS, and select To, CC, and BCC addresses for email. For more information, see the Genesys Community post.

Genesys Cloud subscription name updates

Over the next few months, the Genesys Cloud Resource Center will update subscription names for internal consistency and to align with other Genesys websites. New digital subscriptions will be added as they become available. The updated subscription names will first appear in the Genesys Cloud Release Notes, followed by other locations in the Resource Center. For more information about the name changes, see the Genesys Community post.

Telephony administrator UI updates

Genesys Cloud will perform rolling updates to the telephony administrator UI over the next few months. The changes may include updated icons for better visual alignment with other settings throughout the platform. The changes do not impact feature functionality or agent facing views.