Future release announcements

Learn about upcoming Genesys Cloud features and related UI changes.

For information about features scheduled for the next Genesys Cloud feature release, see Features coming soon.

Analytics workspace improvements

A future release will include user interface changes to the analytics workspace. These changes include the ability to reorder and keep the desired order of tabs, improvements to the + New Tab function, and a new location to save the view. The changes also include new actions in the tabs’ More menus. For more information, see Upcoming Analytics Workspace UI Changes in the Community. 

Improved sentiment analysis for English

A future release will include an update to our English sentiment analysis model. The updated model uses context from surrounding phrases to improve the detection rates of positive and negative sentiments. The use of context means that the same phrase in different interactions can have different scores. Currently, a phrase always has the same score. This update affects both sentiment scores and trends. Administrators will not be able to compare sentiment data from before the update to data after the update.

Genesys Cloud subscription name updates

Over the next few months, the Genesys Cloud Resource Center will update subscription names for internal consistency and to align with other Genesys websites. New digital subscriptions will be added as they become available. The updated subscription names will first appear in the Genesys Cloud Release Notes, followed by other locations in the Resource Center. For more information about the name changes, see Subscription Name Updates in the Genesys Community.

Telephony administrator UI updates

Genesys Cloud will perform rolling updates to the telephony administrator UI over the next few months. The changes may include updated icons for better visual alignment with other settings throughout the platform. The changes do not impact feature functionality or agent facing views.

Genesys Cloud rebranding update

The Genesys Cloud product name and logo was updated in 2021 in many interfaces, installs, websites, and documentation. Genesys will begin updating domain names in the first half of 2022 and will provide an update as work progresses. For more information, see PureCloud to Genesys Cloud FAQ in the Genesys Community. This feature has no restriction by user or required user to access.